How to Prevent Unexpected Vehicle Breakdowns

Regular Servicing for the Vehicle

If you keep missing out scheduled service for your vehicle, you are putting your vehicle at risk. You may regret not keeping it a routine when the time comes for expensive replacements. It is also important to heed the advice of mechanics. Always seek professional consultancy from certified mechanics.

Pay Attention to Warning Lights, Noises and the Feeling of Driving Your Vehicle

Your vehicle may provide clues before it starts to break down. Some people will ignore these warning signs and continue driving and traveling. However, it becomes too late when vehicle start to give up and breakdown happens. Keep up the habit of checking up and maintaining your vehicle regularly, this can help you save the cost of repairing and replacing expensive parts or components. When you find something is not right when turning on the steering wheel, you should take the vehicle to a mechanic for precaution.

Top up the Engine Oil

In order to keep the vehicle functioning properly, engine oil is key in doing so. Heat and friction will be kept from building up in the engine. With engine oil, it also enables other moving parts to function properly. Pull over immediately whenever you see the engine light appears. Should you see any greasy liquid or oil dripping, it is possible that the oil is leaking. Do not keep on driving as the vehicle may break down. When there is no sign of leakage, go to a garage or a store to purchase engine oil for the vehicle.

Safe Driving Habits

Your driving habits can actually have an impact on the vehicle you are driving. Do not rev the engine in cold weather because it can create changes in temperature rapidly; this will damage certain parts of the vehicle. Try to prevent hard stops and starts, as the brake pads and rotors will wear off faster. Apply the brakes smoothly and slowly when stopping or slowing down. Do not ride the clutch as it can wear down the vehicle bearings, which is essential to keep the clutch working. Prevent jamming on the brakes when driving down a hill. It can cause heat to build up and will cause strain to the braking system.

Remove Extra Weight in the Vehicle

Remove any excessive weight in the vehicle. For example, books, equipment, tools, shoes, boxes or any other miscellaneous items can put too much weight on the vehicle. This will cause a negative impact on it. For instance, whenever you accelerate, brake or make a turn, the vehicle is forced to work harder than usual. The suspension and brakes will be under more pressure. This will in turn reduce the fuel economy. So be sure to organize your vehicle and keep unnecessary items or weights away from them.

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